Woodstock Solo Show

Throughout August, new work was showing at Number 14 in Woodstock. Addy will also be showing work here for Oxford Artweeks in May 2023.

An exhibition of new paintings by landscape painter Addy Gardner based on an exploration of the idea of wildness in our local environments and in our lives. Focus is on the contemporary questions of biodiversity loss, land ownership and climate change seen through the artists wanderings. Fairytales of her past, rewilding and experiences with activism and community discussion have all contributed to the process of creating what wildness means to her, and what it means to us.

The pop up space will showcase exciting, collaged and painted surfaces which allow the viewer access to Gardners interpretation of the Windrush River and the imagined wild places of both her past and future. As well as the exhibition, there will be a program of informal talks and workshops in order to generate discussion and ideas based on these themes.

‘….the wood, the structures and how they operate on the mind, are entirely different from those of the city. Nothing tries to sell you anything, nothing forbids access, no spaces have been designed or designated. Here, the mind unbelts. The grid has been replaced with a calm chaos, the straight lines of roads and rationalism are sunk in the smooth curves of beech boughs, wooden flights of fancy and the dazzling spray of bright green, free-flowing thought.’ ‘We need space for the mind to rave, to wander and to dream[…]access to nature is access to our own wild, spiritual mind.’ 

Nick Hayes author of The Book of Tresspass